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Stop Stink Bugs Now

So you wanna get rid of stink bugs, huh? And you want one, simple all-inclusive solution, eh?

You can arm yourself with all the stink bug fighting tools, knowledge and techniques you'll need to kick your stink bug problem.

cloudimage via United States Dept. of Energy, image is in the public domain

Your Arsenal

  • Sealants
    Seal up your home to keep invaders out. 3M offers some exceptional options for sealing off windows3M Window Seal and drafty doors. Also, invest in some Dow Great Stuff expanding foam sealantGreat Stuff Expanding Foam for cracks in concrete and other substrates.
  • Pesticide
    It ain't good for the environment, nor is it all that good for you or your pets, but for indiscriminate bug killing, bifenthrin is your ally. For good reason, you can only get it in lower concentrations, and...seriously, if you get this stuff...please be careful.
  • Traps
    Get or make some stink bug traps. There are a handful on the market now, but there are also plenty of designs and schematics for DIYers. Hint: light attracts stink bugs. Also: stink bugs are dumber than you are, so you should be able to out-think 'em, Einstein. Good luck!
  • Take Prisoners (Then Kill Them)
    Get yourself a Bugzooka - Bug Catcher Bug StickBugzooka (or any other vacuum for that matter). Should stink bugs make it through your barrage of pesticides and traps, you'll want to suck 'em up for later disposal. Think of these as the ones who made it "behind enemy lines."

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image via United States Dept. of Energy, image is in the public domain

Merch & Goods

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At a glance

Stop Stink Bugs Now:

  • Create a Barricade
  • Fight Back with Pesticides
  • Set Your Traps
  • Go Get POWs